Alarm Systems

We supply and install all types of alarms according to client's needs and budget. These are part of our products for more contact us


Alarms DSC

  • DSC Security Alarm System – 8 to 64 Zones
  • LED and LCD Keypad Display options
  • Indoor / Outdoor Passives
  • Perimeter Protection Beams
  • Emergency Panic and Strobe Warning Lights
  • Interface to Reaction Response
  • SMS Alert Response function
  • Remote arm/disarm functionality
  • Multiple Partition Support

Paradox Security Alarm System MG5050 

  • MG5050 Panel
  • Metal Box 28x28x7.6
  • PMD1 Wireless Pet Immunity 18kgs Motion Detectors
  • K32 LCD Keypad  
  • Two Way Remotes
  • 12volt 7Ah Battery
  • 15watt Siren
  • 16volt AC Transformer with Lightning Protection 

IDS 805 Alarm system

  • 8 Hardwire zones
  • 4 wire keypad operation maximum of four keypads
  • 1 dedicated panic zone per keypad
  • Optional tamper reporting per zone
  • Five programmable Auxiliary Outputs
  • Fax defeat and answering machine override
  • Dynamic battery self test
  • Low battery cut-out circuitry
  • 200 event log-Date and time stamped
  • Auto arm capability daily 


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